This month we were very proud to celebrate the grand opening of the newest addition to the Mims brand family: Cotton & Pine Creative. Located in Montgomery, AL, Cotton & Pine is a design studio, letterpress and print shop which grew out of our very own MMG Creative Team. The company takes a unique approach in incorporating design and print together under one roof, but like all of our brands, ultimately exists to craft truly customized services that meet needs—whether for a small personal job or large-scale re-branding of a corporation. more

On October 10 we celebrated the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters with a special reception. The new building represents not only where we’re going but who we are and how far we’ve come. We were so excited to share it with some of our amazing employees, members of the community, and special guests from Montgomery and across the country. more

On October 10 we were very excited to celebrate the grand opening of the new corporate headquarters of MMG, IPS, and NEP in Montgomery, AL. We commemorated the day with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception. We were very happy to have many members of MMG, IPS, and NEP, along with guests from the community and across the country, here to celebrate this special occasion with us. more